The Eager Lab Assistants apiary began the season in early April with two packages shown to the left.  We've since installed 5 more.  Because production was so great last year, we fortunately have plenty of reserves and are hoping that will prompt growth throughout the summer. 

11/11/17 - It didn't, but it did help in compensating for lack of resources this season.  It was a beautiful year, but some cold weather snaps and untimely rain just didn't cooperate with mating flights and made for a bleak honey production year as a result.  We did pull off several pounds from one hive but almost immediately used it to lure the kathousands (new scientific term for just below the "holy cow I give up" level) of bees that decided to infiltrate the shop one day..and the car.  It was a downer for honey but a definite fortitude builder in later discovering, at 65mph, I missed a few. ;)     
Red & Orange : Berks Co natives not surprisingly were (are) aggressive, had queen acceptance issues and were swarmy.  They were quick to sting too!  and followed a lot further than the typical 10' or so...more like 30'.  

Red quickly replaced their queen and Orange absconded twice preferring a nearby tree.  After putting them back into the hive, they left again.  It appeared most moved next door to the Red.   They were however very hygienic using gobs of propolis to secure their hive from beetles and mites, but we chose to treat for mites as the others had particular trouble with them, and bugs in general, this year.

Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink:  Imported from North Carolina, they were very docile, slow and steady builders as usual.  Blue however had trouble with queen acceptance and potentially due to placement between Green and Purple, decided to join surrounding hives instead of accepting their queen.  We'll set no more than two side by side next year and see if that helps.  Anyway, we're at five headed into winter, treated for mites, plenty of reserves and hopefully comfy until Spring!:)  
See some of the ingredients we've caught the bees sampling this season below, then check out our links and resources!